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How to keep your rabbit hutch clean



If you have invested in a good quality rabbit hutch for your rabbit or guinea pig hutch for your guinea pig, then you will want to keep it for a long time. Here at ideas-4-pets we recommend this easy way of keeping your rabbit hutch clean, smelling sweetly and hygienic for your pet.

When Rabbits urinate into the top layer corner of any rabbit hutch it will run down below into the run area. No hutch that we are aware of will fully seal and stop this from happening. The same is true of a guinea pig hutch.

We recommend that it is better not use sawdust with rabbits as it irritates their eyes. The best way is to line the floor of the rabbit hutch with layers of newspaper which will soak up urine. The newspaper sheets should be changed regularly to stop the rabbit hutch from smelling and the paper from getting too wet and soggy. The bedding chamber where your rabbit or guinea pig will sleep, should be lined with newspaper – let the newspaper run up the sides and corners as well as the base of the hutch. One top of the newspaper lay hay or soft straw (the ‘dust extracted’ variety is best and is available at all good pet shops)

As a guideline, use about 6 layers of ‘broadsheet’ newspaper crossed in both directions so tat it runs up all the side walls, then add the hay which holds everything in place but remember to change it every few days.

The added benefit of using newspaper this way is that when cleaning out the hutch, the whole lot can be rolled into a bundle around the old bedding hay. This way you can pick up any droppings as well so cleaning becomes much easier. In fact, this can all be done in about 1 minute.

We would also recommend that the rabbit has a rabbit run for during the day in good weather, not forgetting to offer him some shade of course. This gives gives the rabbit access to grass and clover etc. and allows him to pee and poo in the garden rather than always in his hutch.

We were recently told by a vet that there are never any ‘ill’ rabbits, they are either ‘very well’ or ‘very dead’ but never poorly! ( ..her words) …. this is usually because owners feed them incorrectly. She recommended it’s best to keep them to a quality supplemented pellet food diet with maybe half an apple and half a carrot per day and stick to that.

She also advised not to keep changing their diet as it upsets their stomach. Surprisingly she informed us that lettuce is very bad as it gives them diarrhoea, so our advise is to avoid it. She also suggested that rabbits should have access to an open bowl of water as well as the inverted bottles as they tend to like a good ‘slurp’ as well as drinking from the bottles.

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