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Dog Kennels / Dog Kennels with Runs

Dogs in the wild have "denning instincts" and in the same way, a domestic dog sees his or her dog kennel as a "den" and once your dog has got used to having his or her "own place", will automatically retreat to the privacy and safety of the dog kennel. If you don't like your dog to be left in the house whilst you are out or at work, then a dog kennel could be the answer as it gives your dog the freedom of your garden but offers your dog a place to shelter and sleep.

Dog kennels and dog cabins come in a variety of different shapes & sizes to suit your breed of dog. A dog kennel usually has an apex roof and is of a traditional design with a front entrance. A  kennel of this type is best placed in a sheltered place as your pet has to face the weather.  A dog cabin has a flat roof which slopes towards the back so that rainwater does not pool and the pop hole entrance tends to be to one side. This type of dog house provides your dog with protection from the weather. Some of the dog cabins have a draught shield fitted or are supplied with a dog flap for even more protection.  If you dog tends to chew, choose a kennel or cabin with aluminium anti-chew strips around the pop-hole to help prevent this type of behaviour.

See our new range of insulated dog kennels for sale, the ideal choice for those cold, winter months. You can choose from an insulated wooden dog cabin or one of the eco-friendly recycled plastic dog kennels & dog cabins.

Or choose a standard factory treated timber dog cabin and fill with warm bedding to keep your pet cosy during the cold months. We also have a range of dog cabins in tanalised timber. Tanalisation involves the timber being immersed in a liquid preservative and placed in a vacuum pressure chamber under controlled conditions. After the process is completed, the wood repels vermin, insects and rot and provides a clean, bright, long-life timber which should last for 20 year plus under the harshest conditions and completely eliminates the need to use further preservatives on an annual basis.

There are also dog houses which have a run attached. These are ideal if you don't have a garden that is dog-friendly or you are worried that your dog may be able to escape into the road whilst you are away from home. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs and are also an ideal choice if you have more than one dog.  Some of these have the option of insulation in the kennel area which is ideal if your dog is outside in the winter months.  Insulation will also keep the kennel cool in summer.  Just remember to put some fresh food and clean water in there.

Once you have chosen the ideal home for your dog, there are also a number of accessories you can purchase for the comfort and health of your dog. Your dog will need some bedding in the dog kennel and there are a number of options you can choose. Waterproof dog bedding can be hosed or wiped down so is an ideal choice for the winter months. Alternatively we have a range of insulated dog beds which reflect lost body heat back to your dog to provide a cosy and warm place to rest.

For the comfort and health of your dog you may want to look at heating products for dogs, dog bowls or maybe a high visibility dog coat for those dark winter nights.