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Best Pet Products for Welcoming your new Puppy

Getting a new puppy is an exciting event, and it can be so much fun to shop for everything your new furry friend will need. Here at Ideas-4-Pets we have products ranging from play pens to feeding bowls, beds and kennels. Place an order with us so you won’t have to run out to the pet shop and pay more.

Here is a general list of things to buy for your pup:

Doggy Bed

It’s important to teach your puppy to sleep in his bed early on, but you’ll also want the bed you buy to be able to grow with your dog as he grows into adulthood. Look for a comfortable bed that will suit your pup’s full grown size.

Browse our selection of dog beds for a high-quality option that you can count on for years to come.

Food and Water Bowls

Your puppy will need bowls that can’t be easily knocked over and are simple to clean. If he’s going to be a tall dog, you may want to purchase bowls that can be lifted off the floor later on like our Divo Adjustable Bowl Set.

Best Pet Products for Welcoming your new Puppy

Travelling Equipment

Even if it’s just a short trip to the vet, your puppy will be much safer if restrained by a soft harness or kept in a crate. Get him used to the car early and safely and you’ll set the stage for easy travelling with your pet.


Your puppy’s collar should be soft and comfortable- not so loose that it can slip off (or so heavy that it’s a burden to carry) but loose enough that you can slip two fingers under it. Check your puppy’s collar often to make sure it still fits and ensure his identity disc is engraved with your most current contact information. It’s also good to get your puppy micro-chipped if possible.

Purchasing collars is also a good time to purchase a compatible lead that is suitable for your dog’s breed.

Puppy Play Pen and Outdoor Kennel

It can be extremely helpful to have a place to keep your puppy comfortable and contained. View our range of puppy playpens, which can be used indoors and outdoors. You can also invest in an outdoor kennel with run to allow your dog to send more time safely outdoors.

After gathering these basic items you can expand your doggy welcome kit with things like toys, clothes and grooming items. For any questions about new dog needs, feel free to contact us.

Caring for your Pets over the Christmas Holidays

Taking care of pets during Christmas and New Year’s may seem like a common sense issue. But changes to their living environment or travel plans can certainly cause them to experience stress and anxiety, and there are added threats present during these festive times of the year. Read on for a few important tips.

If Travelling

The safest way for pets to travel in the car is in a harness or cage, or by using a dog guard. Read more about travelling with pets on Petguide can also help you with pet insurance, which is in fact a great gift Christmas gift not only for your pet but for your own peace of mind.

If Expecting Guests

A full house has different implications for pets, especially if they’re use to a relatively tranquil environment. Keep in mind that small animals like birds, rabbits and guinea pigs can easily become flustered if there’s a large boisterous crowd.

Take special care not to forget your pet’s needs, even if you have a thousand other things to think about- sometimes taking the time to step outside with your dog  or spend a few minutes cuddling your cat can be very calming in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.

Also, be sure to give your animals their space. If you have an anti-social cat, for example, let her retreat to where she feels most comfortable. Keep curious children away from her.

Safety Issues

Remember not to give your animals any unsafe foods like chocolate or raisins. They should also be prevented from getting hold of turkey bones or consuming the contents of any glasses left unattended.

Keep your vet’s telephone and address near the phone, and ensure your pet can be easily identified returned to you if they happen to go missing.

Should you Give a Pet as a Gift?

Around Christmas time we’re all looking for the perfect gift for our loved ones and friends. There’s nothing quite like the element of surprise on Christmas day, and sometimes it may seem as though a puppy or kitten would be the best surprise of all. Animals come with their share of responsibilities, however, so if you’re considering giving a dog or a cat read on for our best tips.


Due to fears related to dogs and cats being mistreated or abandoned, most experts agree that giving a pet as a gift is a bad idea. It’s clear that having a pet is a large responsibility and a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you give a pet as a gift, you may not be able to gauge the person’s actual interest and level of commitment to the animal’s future.

This being said, if you have carefully evaluated your family’s readiness for a pet and truly want to surprise your children, you may be able to do so with a pet. Be sure you’ve ticked off all the marks in terms of your own commitment to the pet before making this significant decision.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, avoid buying your pet from a pet shop or any establishment related to a puppy mill. If you can, see if you can adopt your pet, or research responsible breeders in your area.

Never keep the animal in a box or deprive it of air just for the sake of the surprise. You’ll also need to ask yourself if you’re prepared to care for a new puppy or kitten during the excitement of Christmas. If you’ll have a full house and loads of things to do you may be better off waiting until things have calmed down before getting a new pet.

You can also give a soft toy dog or cat with a note saying you’d like to give the person a pet but that you’ll go through the process of choosing it together. Prepare for your pet by browsing our site for the best beginner pet items.

More Gift Ideas for the Pet Lovers in your Life

Christmas is just round the corner and many of us are still searching for the perfect gift for everyone on our list. It’s always great to be able to give someone something that they’ll truly appreciate; something that shows you’ve given it some thought and really considered their interests.

For pet lovers, something to make their pet more comfortable will always be appreciated. You’ll also get extra points for choosing an item that makes the owner’s life a bit easier as well. Browse our site for new pet items your friend may not be aware of and read on for our top recommendations.

Heated Dog or Cat Bed

Pets love to stay warm in the winter as well, and when they cold winds blow they can often be tempted to crawl up onto the sofa or their owner’s bed. Why not give the gift of a heated dog bed or cat bed that will keep them cosy and encourage them to sleep where they’re meant to? You can also purchase a pet bed heater if your friend’s pet already has a bed they love.

Feeding Bowls

Even with continuous cleaning pet bowls tend to get dirty so quickly- there’s nothing quite like tossing out a grimy bowl in favour of a nice shiny new one. Here on our site you’ll find modern pet bowls that can easily portion out the right amount, adjust to the height of the dog or cat and help keep the area clean.

Pet feeding bowls are also small enough to be neatly wrapped up as a gift for anyone from a colleague to a friend or relative. Check out our neat and tidy pebble bowl sets- they’re sure to add a designer touch to any pet lover’s home.

Dog Coats

Clothing for dogs, particularly warm and waterproof coats, can be necessary for dogs in the winter. This is especially true if your friend’s dog is small and/or has very short fur. Help them keep their dog warm and comfortable by gifting a warm coat- this will also definitely have the ‘cute’ factor that many dog owners are after.


We also have safety-related dog coats to help keep pets visible like this reflective High Visibility Dog Jacket. It can really help put a pet owner’s mind at ease to be able to locate their dog in a dark park or on a poorly lit country road.

Pet Kennels and Shelters

If the pet owner in your life is a closer relative or friend and you’re willing to spend a bit more on their gift, consider a pet kennel such as a large dog kennel with run. These really allow pets to spend more time outdoors, letting them enjoy the fresh air. Owners can relax knowing their pets are safe in their kennel when they’re away from home, knowing that they can not only move about but curl up in a warm, cosy den as well.

For cats, Ideas-4-Pets has a selection of outdoor cat kennels and cabins, many of which offer plenty of room for multiple cats to play. When animals have ample opportunity for exercise aren’t cooped up inside they tend to be much better behaved- this of course applies to both cats and dogs.

When it comes to what the pet owners in your life may like and need, consider each person and each pet’s unique personality. You can then feel free to contact us for our expert advice. We are happy to share our knowledge on the best products and gifts.

How to Choose the Right Dog as your Family Pet

If you already have a beloved dog it can be hard to think about how one ‘chooses’ a new dog. How to Choose a Dog

Your pet may be such a part of the family that the word ‘choice’ doesn’t quite fit. Having adopted or rescued a dog can give you a similar feeling- it may even seem like your dog chose you!

Some people really are looking for a new dog, however, and responsible parents know that a dog is a lifetime investment of love, energy and time. It’s important to create a good match; a pet that will grow with your family over the years and of course get on well with your children.

It must be said that there one simply can’t guarantee that a certain breed will be safe and loving and another won’t. Dogs, just like humans, have unique personalities and traits. This means that you can easily find a very tranquil, safe Doberman or an aggressive poodle.

When considering a dog from a breeder, carefully consider not only the breed but the breeder and the environment the dogs are reared in.

It’s a good idea to select a breeder who keeps their puppies in a home environment as this is what you will be providing as well. Puppies should be adequately socialised from a very young age, to be able to live with other dogs and humans.

When choosing your puppy, you can use this simple, common-sense tip: Choose a pup with medium temperament, instead of the shyest one or the one who scampered to greet you at the door. You can also check for things like whether the puppy becomes overly nervous with loud noises or scrambles to be released when held.

In terms of which actual breeds make the best choices for families, experts often point to Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Beagles and even Shih-Tzus. Each breed should be carefully researched for its potential benefits and drawbacks.

For any dog you decide on, you’ll find a full range of products to make your pet happy and comfortable at

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