Galvanised Dog Run Panels

These dog run panels are the strongest & best quality Galvanised Panels on the market and are supplied complete with nuts & bolts for easy assembly.  LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

They are hot-dipped inside and out and so will not rust. They are also pre-drilled for easy construction and are available with 8cm bar spacing, 5cm bar spacing and mesh.

If you are going to construct a dog run, then you must keep it clean and hygienic in order to keep your dog in good health.  As grass or gravel surfaces can quickly become muddy and soiled and are difficult to keep clean, we recommend that you construct your dog run on a flat surface without any gaps.  A solid concrete base is ideal or paving slabs which have been properly pointed with cement to prevent them trapping any dirt.

If you build the base about 6 inches larger than the dog run, it will sit easily on to it and prevent any cracking.