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Cat Flaps

A  Cat Flap is a very useful product to purchase for any cat owner.  There are many benefits to  installing a pet door for both you and your pet.

When working out whether a pet door would be right for your home, you should consider the options and advantages that each pet door could offer you.

One advantage if you are a cat owner is that you will no longer need to keep a cat litter tray in your house, as a pet door can be integrated into the house training regime of your cat.   Just move the litter tray closer to the cat flap during the training period and eventually you can take your kitten to the cat flap and gently persuade her to use it.   One way is to use kittne or cat training treats which will give your cat a reason the go through the pet door.  She will see the cat treat she wants on the other side through the clear panel and through it she will go.

Consider for what purpose you need your pet door - a quality, external cat flap and a less secure, but more traditional cat flap are two very different, but sometimes equally beneficial options if they are used correctly.  A pet door is definitely a helpful consideration for any cat owner.

So, if you're still considering whether a cat flap is suitable for your home, take a look at what is available.