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Cat Kennels

Cat Kennels

Pet owners readily think about dog kennels...but have you as a cat owner ever stopped to think about the benefits that a cat kennel might bring to you and your feline friend?

Cat kennels come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements, fitting in with the size of your outdoor garden space and the active needs of your cat. 

Outdoor Cat Kennels

A cat kennel with run will give your cat a safe and secure environment in which to sleep & play and we have such a wide variety of cat kennels and cat houses, with or without cat runs and in various shapes and sizes so you are sure to find one to suit the needs of your cat and you.

Most cats love the outdoors but we worry about them being attacked by predators, getting lost or getting injured or killed on the road. Perhaps it’s a neighbourhood cat that is inhibiting yours which can cause you an array of difficulties. With a cat kennel, you can be reassured that although your cat can smell the outdoors and benefit from the fresh air, it will be safe from predators and from straying too far away from home and on to busy roads.

The small, boxed area at the end of the cat kennel can either be used as a place for her cat litter tray or just a warm, dark place to hide. 

Picking a cat kennel for your garden

The size of cat kennel you choose depends upon the amount of cats you own, the size of your garden and how much room you want to allow your cat to have.  You can also choose whether to have the cat kennel made from timber or from eco-friendly recycled plastic - these are great to keep clean as you can just wipe or hose down.  They don't warp, smell or rot and insects cannot live on plastic so they remain hygienic.  

Buying considerations

Cat kennels are a great product area for us – not as widely thought of as a solution in comparison to dog kennels but definitely rising in popularity. As the pet owner market has become more aware of cat kennels the manufacturers have moved with the times to bring you some really aesthetically looking options that look great in the garden.

Bear in mind that the larger cat kennels can involve assembly where as some more modern, small solutions like the Pet pod are pretty much good to go on delivery.

Our cat kennel products have dimensions in the specification section and we would definitely advise you to measure the area in your garden or back yard before buying.

Consider insulation and heating elements if your cat really does feel the cold. For instance the Petzpodz luxury pack includes a safe heater to provide extra comfort for your pet.

Look at our range of assorted cat beds and cat bedding to keep your cat comfortable whilst in the cat kennel.

Feedback on the KatKabin Premium Dez Rez

The KatKabin range of cat kennels are modern, well designed products crtically acclaimed in the press - but also well reviewed here at Ideas for Pets. Check out these reviews on the KatKabin Premium Dez Rez cat kennel page:

5 of 5 Stars(5/5)

Arrived very fast. Rosie absolutely loves it. Very cute peeking out and so snuggly

5 of 5 Stars(5/5)

Once my cat got used to this she loved it. She won't use it with the front flap on though. I bought the fleece lining and heat mat so she sits out of the rain, sleeping, waiting for it to stop. Highly recommend if you don't have a cat flap. Gives me some peace of mind when I'm at work and she wants to be out. 

5 of 5 Stars(5/5)

I purchased 1 Katkabin Premium for my cat who is old 17yrs old, but my kitten has moved in, so therfore just purchased a 2nd Katkabin Premium.?It is perfect for outside cats, so warm, comfortable and safe, especially now the winter is here. 

5 of 5 Stars(5/5)

Fantastic!! My cat loves her new Dez Rez cat kennel, she got used to it so quickly, after only a couple of days she was going in and out of the cat flap and seemed content to stay inside it, gives me peace of mind when we are out. Thanks a lot.