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Chicken Runs

Chicken Runs for sale at Ideas 4 Pets

We’ve got plenty of chicken runs for you to choose from at Ideas-4-pets  - choose from different sizes, designs and building material such as tanalised timber or galvanised metal.

After buying your chickens, your chicken run will be next on your list and as it is the second biggest investment you will carefully want to pick the right one. For many the first question you ask with chicken runs could be 'is it fox proof'? Given that this is the main predator of chickens, hens and ducks. Foxes are prevalent in both rural and urban areas so you want to make sure that the chicken run you purchase is as fox-proof as possible and a chicken run with a roof  will prevent wild bird droppings (in compliance with avian flu precautions). Providing covering at the top of the run is also very important to protect your chickens from airborn predators but also from the ground up - putting the chicken run blocks to raise the house.

Small chicken runs for more modest farms

Some of the larger chicken runs that we stock for farms can be fitted for free - allowing you to concentrate on getting the chicken farming elements right of getting the animals settled in the new space.


Types of chicken runs

What type of chicken run do you need? The size, covering and scratching material that covers the ground area provide your chickens with comfort on a day to day basis. How much space do you need for your chickens? The size of chicken run obviously depends on the number of chickens - one chicken needs 4 square feet in the run (3 sq ft for Bantams); so within a 25 sguare foot run you might house 6 chickens. There are 4 main types of chicken runs, commonly with mesh stretched across the panels:

  • Wooden chicken runs
  • Plastic chicken runs
  • Galvanised chicken runs
  • Aluminium chicken runs