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DogHealth non slip lightweight folding dog ramp

DogHealth non slip lightweight folding dog ramp

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Easiwalk Pet Ramp

IMPORTANT NOTE - when you introduce a pet ramp into your dogs routine you do need to train the dog in safe use. So PLEASE read the instructions, do not rush into using the ramp and NEVER force your dog. We recommend that you walk your dog up/down steadying with one hand on collar and one hannd under the belly.

The benefits are outstanding for you as you no longer have top lift your dog in and out of the vehicle and for you pet as this is a safer and more certain way of exiting/entering.

Now read on....

This is the improved best selling selling pet ramp with a new moulded walking surface to make it even safer for your dog -

  • a better grip for your dog
  • easy to maintain and keep clean
  • no sharp high friction surface
  • as strong and as light as the previous model

Supports a dog of up to 200 lbs. (90kgs)

Lightweight: 11 lbs (5kg) - Compact. - Goes anywhere.

Easy fold for compact storage. Folded dimensions: 31"L x 15.7"W x 7.5"D (79 x 40 x 19cm)

Moulded surface provides traction and sure footing.

Raised edges to help prevent slipping off the sides. 2.4" (6cm) raised sides

Extended dimensions: 61"L x 15.7"W (155 x 40cm)