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Chicken Coop - Virgin Polymer - OSPREY HABC0008GRN

Chicken Coop - Virgin Polymer - OSPREY HABC0008GRN

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Winner of the "Most Innovative New Product" category in the French Agricultural Equipment Show in Paris, this product is made here in the UK from moulded virgin polymer.

It is suitable for 2-3 chickens, is easy to keep clean & because it is lightweight it can be easily moved when required.


  • Specially designed to be a cosy and environmentally friendly home for your chickens
  • Coop measures approx. 80cm x 84cm x 68cmH
  • Supplied with a 1.8 metre mesh run with a door at the end for access (extra run optional)
  • Mesh is 25mm x 25mm square
  • Ideal for the backyard poultry keeper who keeps a small flock in a domestic setting
  • Very easy to keep clean - just hose down and a drain plug in the coop allows the water to drain away
  • Will fit well into any urban environment without looking out of place
  • The muted colour blends the coop into its surroundings
  • Made from virgin polymer here in the uk
  • A bungie cable at the back of the coop enables you to release the pop-hole door
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Side opening door for easy cleaning & collection of eggs
  • Moulded nesting bowl
  • Fixed, low-level perch
  • Colour: GREEN
  • Simple to assemble

** Red Mite can still live in plastic chicken houses as they do in wooden ones so you still check regularly


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