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Four Seasons Wormer

Four Seasons Wormer

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Anti worm homeopathic and herbal tincture.

Its very easy to use, simply squeeze the eye dropper in the bottle and let it fill, squirt the contents into the dogs mouth on 2 consecutive days each month. (for example 1st & 2nd of every month).

Formulated to help maintain the bodies natural ability to expel worms and internal parasites.

The homoeopathic elements support the digestive organs allowing the natural expulsion of parasites to occur through the host animals natural defence system.

The astringent effects of the herbal ingredients creates a hostile environment for internal parasites.

Four Seasons has a gentle and long term effect and assists by reducing the opportunities for parasites to re-establish themselves leading to lower egg and worm counts

Four Seasons will not harm the protective gut flora and may be used with puppies and pregnant mothers

Four Seasons contains hibiscus, thyme, ginger root, clove, natural salts, bitter apple hom 12X

100ml 4 dogs for 12 months £13.25