Dog Grooming Tables

Take the strain out of grooming your dog with one of our dog grooming tables - choose from our value-for-money adjustable dog grooming table or our professional range of hydraulic and electric dog grooming tablesWhether you care for dogs as a professional or amateur, you are sure to find a dog grooming table to suit your needs.

If you have a small breed dog or show your dog at Cruft's or local shows, we have the portable dog grooming table which is small enough to move around easily.

For larger breeds we have the adjustable height dog grooming tables and the dog grooming tables with wheels which are easy to manoevre.  If you want to spend a little more then why not consider a hydraulic or electric dog grooming table.  Our Aeolus Classic Dog Grooming Table is less than £400.00 !!  

Of course a grooming table needs a dog hair dryer and we have several quality dryers for you to choose from.