Vet Bedding Pieces

We have a large range of vet bedding to suit all types of requirements - please see below: 

Petlife Original vet bedding is a hard-wearing, everyday bed with unique properties and is highly suitable for animals at all life stages - it's higher bulk, greater resilience, unique drainage properties and superb heat retention makes it distinct from all other dog beds on the market.

Petlife Non-Slip vet bedding features many of the benefits of the original vetbed including incredible warmth, comfort, durability & ease of washing but is available in stylish, colourful designs that  will enhance any home. 

Petlife Vetbed Gold is a unique veterinary bedding which incorporates Permafresh fibre to protect against bacteria, mould, mildew & fungi, preventing nasty odours - the first of its kind in the world!  The pile of Vetbed Gold is even thicker than Vetbed Original !!