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F.A.Q'S re: Dog Runs/Panels

Frequently asked questions re: Dog Runs & Panels

What bar spacing is best for my dog?

  • The bar spacing depends on the size and temperament of your dog.
  • The general rule is the bigger your dog, the bigger the bar spacings.
  • For dogs who like to chew or can be aggressive, we would recommend the mesh panels. 

How big would I need my dog run?

  • People's needs vary depending upon how long the dog is being left in the run, how many dogs will be sharing the run etc.
  • It is a good idea to measure out the run you think you need and then get your dog/dogs to go into the space. This give you a visual idea of how much room your will have to move around in.

Do the dog runs have to be erected on a concrete base?

  • We recomend that the runs are erected on to a concrete base or level paving slabs and secured with floor brackets for maximum stability and for hygiene reasons.
  • A concrete base allows you to hose out the run and how can you cut the grass inside a run erected on the lawn?

What tools do I need to erect a dog run?

  • For setting up a modular run you would need the following:
  • 13mm spannner
  • Drill (preferably cordless for easy maneuverability)

What is the average delivery time for the galvanised panels / runs

  • As our website states, we can usually deliver within 3 working days
  • Is there an extra charge for delivery?
  • The prices shown on our site include VAT & Delivery and we will beat any quote provided that you can email us our competitor's quote (incl. VAT & Delivery)

Can I have panels made to different sizes?

  • This is possible, but  "special" sizes will take longer to deliver.

Will I have everything I need supplied with the panels?

  • If you purchase a complete "Modular" product, then the fixtures and fittings are included in the price but you may wish to purchase floor brackets to secure your run to the base for extra stability
  • With individual panels, the nuts and bolts are included, but again you may wish to purchase some floor brackets which are available on our site.