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F.A.Q'S re: (PN) Heated Products

Q: How hot does the pad get?
Q: Does that pad have a thermostat?
Q: Can I cover it with a thick cushion or quilt?

A: The Metal Flexiguard 33 heat pads does not have an internal thermostat. This is because the primary application for these units is for outdoor kennels, catteries and rescue centres where the units are used in undercover spaces in all weathers. When the units are used in this environment a failure of a thermostat could turn the unit off in cold weather with potential serious consequences for the animal.

The temperature all our heat pads reach depends largely on the ambient temperature they are used in and the amount of insulation placed on top of them. The higher the ambient and the thicker the insulation the hotter the plates will get, you should ideally use them in a cool environment.

The correct use for the heat pads is in a cool environment, with a thin covering of material over the top (ideally our cosi cover). This acts to spread the warmth evenly across the plate and make the pet more comfortable. Used in this way the surface of the heat pad cover will be comfortably warm, close to body temperature, the hottest part of the plate (Normally the centre) will typically reach approx. 20c above the ambient temperature.

The Metal Flexiguard 44 and 55 heat pads, all of the vinyl heat pads and heated beds DO contain at least one thermostat some as many as four which will maintain the temperature of the pad/bed at a comfortable body warm temperature. We do not recommend covering any of these units with thick quilts/cushions etc as it will limit the effectiveness of the pads by reducing the heat reaching the animal.

Q: The pad is not getting very warm. Is it working properly?

A: The pad should be used with a thin covering of material, and works best with the weight of a cat or dog on the pad. To check it is working properly, place a thin layer of material over the pad: ideally our cosicover or a tea towel, then put a yellow pages on top to mimic the weight of an animal. Leave this for 20 mins or so and then you should find that the temperature on top of the cover is quite warm. Whilst the pad is not weight activated by following the above instructions you are effectively trapping the heat produced. Remember Petnap heat pads are very low wattage so it does take a little while for the heat to spread across the whole pad.

Q: What is the power consumption and can the pad be left on all the time?

A: All of our heat pads and heated beds are designed to be able to be left on all the time.
Power Consumption: 
Flexi 33/Standard Petnap - 8-10 watts
Flexi 44 - 20-25 watts
Flexi 55 - 25-28 watts
Standard Vinyl Heat Pad - 18 watts (via 12V AC Adaptor) 
Large Vinyl Heat Pad - 45 watts
Giant Vinyl Heat Pad - 80 watts
Above are approximate guides they will vary slightly between units

Q: How much does it cost to run?

A: Cost of use is calculated as follows:
So a 10 watt Flexiguard 33 left on for 1 hour is equal to 0.01kWh (divide 10 Watts by 1000 to get the kW) - then multiply 0.01kWh by your provider's kWh price to get the cost
E.g. 10 Watt Flexi 33 for one hour = 0.01kWh, multiply by a rate of £0.10 per kWh is £0.001 (a tenth of a penny!)- left on for 10hrs = £0.01

Q: Does it matter if the pad gets wet?

A: The heat pad can deal with the type of wetness caused by the occasional accident or whelping. The pad should not be fully immersed in water, and has been tested to IPx4 rating.

Q: How long is the cable?

A: This varies depending on the type of heat pad purchased. Please see individual descriptions.

Q: Can you make the cable longer?

A: We are only able to provide longer cables for the Flexiguard models. The max length we can make the Flexiguard cable is 1.8m long. We charge a premium of £5.00+Vat per unit for this.

Q: Can you supply International Plug fittings?

A: Currently, all our Heat pads and Heated Beds are supplied with UK 3-pin fittings only and are rated for 230/240V.

Q: How chew proof is the Flexiguard model?

A: The pad is made from aluminium alloy and the cable is covered in a galvanised steel flexible conduit riveted to the pad. It is therefore as chew proof as you will find with regards to pet heat pads.