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Heating Products for Dogs

Dog kennels are great if your dog loves to be out in the fresh air but you need to know they are safe and secure whilst you are at work.  In this section you will find an array of products which you can place inside your dog kennel or in your dog bed to keep your dog warm and comfortable during the cold winter months.

Choose from heat lamps which are ideal for keeping the kennel warm and also the perfect option for use as a supplementary direct heat source for incubation or for new birth. You just need to regulate the heat to the dog by adjusting the height up or down on the chains supplied.  The size of the kennel to be heated and also whether the kennel has insulation, will make a difference to how long the heater needs to be left on.

The heat pads are designed to fit easily into your pet's bed or they can on their own with the cosi cover.  They are fitted with a low wattage heating element and produce enough heat output to reach "warm to the touch" temperature within half an hour. They are designed to keep your dog's heat at normal temperature and not to overheat your dog.