Orthopaedic Dog Beds

If you have an elderly or infirm dog then an orthopaedic dog bed would be ideal as they support your dog's weight and contour their body to give ultra support.  Choose from a memory foam mattress or a dog bed with a memory foam base, dependent upon your dog's peference.

Our pets can't tell us if they are uncomfortable or in pain but we can help by providing them with the best support we can offer.  The orthopaedic dog bed is ideal if your dog suffers from joint problems such as arthritis and vets recommend them if you dog has recently had surgery and needs to prevent pressure sores and requires extra support and comfort.

Some of our orthopaedic dog beds also have the option of an inner waterproof cover which are extremely useful if you have a dog with urinary problems.

Please note that the sizes of all our dog beds can be subject to slight variations due to the manufacturing process.