Petlife Karma Wrap Anti-Anxiety Dog Coat Water Resistant

Many of the rescue dogs we re-home from the RSPCA Radcliffe Shelter have anxiety problems. Some are re-homed due to anxious behaviours, others become anxious due to changes in circumstances leading up to re-homing. Behaviours such as nervous aggression and separation anxiety are commonly identified. We work closely with new adoptees to assist in the initial settling-in period. Working alongside our behaviourist we have used the KarmaWrap with positive results, eg: Eric suffered from extreme anxiety when people visited the house, would hide, pant & shake constantly until the visitors left. With KarmaWrap he appeared more settled & would remain in the room not panting & the shaking subsided quickly. Goldie became extremely anxious when the male owner left the house & would bark and whine & become very reactive to people passing the front of the house. With KarmaWrap Goldie would remain much calmer with limited barking & whining & often would only bark if someone knocked on the front door rather than just passing.

RSPCA Radcliffe on Trent Shelter, 07/08/2015
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