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Aeolus Finishing Dog Hair Dryer TD905

Aeolus Finishing Dog Hair Dryer TD905

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This is the worlds first finishing dog dryer that uses Ionic technology. It helps to improve hair condition, eliminating static build-up whilst aiding absorbtion of essential moisture and results in a healthy shiny more manageable coat for your dog.


    • Variable wind and temperature control - the maximal wind speed of exit is as high as 38m/s
    • Temperature range: from 25-75 Celsius Degrees
    • Brushless motor - no oiling or greasing of internal parts
    • Low energy cost - Only 1800 watt
    • Low noise - Lower than 40 decibels
    • Fashionable design
    • ABS bodysurface which resists harsh chemicals and strikes
    • The nose is made of PPS material, resisting over 260 Celsius temperature
    • 2 layers - outside & inside so prevents the dryer becoming over-heated
    • Colour: PEARL WHITE

Please Note: There has been a change in design to improve reliability and longevity but now the dials on it are not straightforward. Turning the dials clockwise increases either the heat or the power when the machine is switched on. When the machine is switched off it resets to minimum on both irrespective of where the dial is. The distributor has recommended turning the dials to point to the minimum when the machine is off to give a set starting point when switching it on.


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