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Aeolus Nebula Dog Blaster/Dryer - TD941T 1800w
Aeolus Nebula Dog Blaster/Dryer - TD941T 1800w
Aeolus Nebula Dog Blaster/Dryer - TD941T 1800w

Aeolus Nebula Dog Blaster/Dryer - TD941T 1800w

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TD-941T Nebula 1800w Blaster Dryer

The Next Generation of Blaster Dryers from Aeolus offers many unique features making them probably the most advanced on the market.


Keeps hoses cool to the touch. New ultra-low temperature nozzle

The new ultra-low temperature nozzle has a special double-layer suction structure: when the wind speed in the inner duct is higher and the air volume is greater, the outer duct can accelerate the suction, the cooling effect is proportional to the inner wind flow, so as to ensure that the surface of the nozzle is cooled by air without significant temperature rise. This helps to keep the nozzle's to around half the outer temperature of most other blaster dryers on the market.

The heat insulation sheath works to providing safe operation on groomers' arms from the dryers hose.

 Controllable Heating & Wind Speed

Fully adjustable air flow and heat Unique Stepless wind speed and heat settings With LED Display. Set the heat and wind speed to your required settings i.e. low temperature and high speed, etc. In particular, the high temperature and low speed are very important for the styling pre-treatment of curly coated dogs such as Poodle and Bichon, which are essential functions for straightening hair and preparing for the trimming.

The Motor adopts the "soft start" mode to avoid the impact and prolong the service life;

There is also a built-in overheating protection switch on the heater element -- providing the above broad functionality while also ensuring safety.

Easy To Clean Filters and Case

Double filtration reduce the air inlet noise, fully filter the impurities and dust inhaled by the dryer, prolong the life of the dryer.

Plastic injection moulding shell is light and ensure zero wind leakage.

The zero leakage shell also reduces the noise of the dryer, and the noise of the whole machine is controlled to less than 80 decibels during working, which greatly improves the working environment of the groomer.


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