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Catac Infra Red Kennel Heater with 250 watt Dull Emitter & Guard

Catac Infra Red Kennel Heater with 250 watt Dull Emitter & Guard

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This infra red "spot" heater will keep your dog or puppies warm when under the "spot", but allow them to move away if they get too warm. It gives heat but not light. The higher you hang the heater, the wider the heat source but the lesser the "spot" heat..


  • Ideal for use in keeping your dog warm or puppies warm when the mother cannot be present.
  • British made & CE marked
  • Takes screw fitting bulbs of all types including quartz reflector/adaptor
  • Supplied with a 1.5m heat resistant cable, a 1.5m chain, a 3amp fused plug and a 250 watt dull emitter - gives heat but not light
  • The aluminium reflector with infra-red holder maximises the heat produced without increasing your electricity bill!
  • Fully assembled and tested by Catac

Please note:

  • This product is ideal for use as a supplementary direct heat source either for incubation or for new birth.
  • Regulate the heat to the animal by adjusting the height up or down on the chain supplied.
  • Dependent upon the rooms it is placed in, insulation will make a difference to how long the heater needs to be left on.
  • Leaving the heater on constantly as a primary source of heat could be seen as expensive but to put it into perspective, think of an old style 100 watt light bulb & multiply this by 2.5 as the heater is a 250 watt dull emitter


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