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Chick Feeder with Hat & Drinker Set 1.5kg & 1Ltr - 231 & 206

Chick Feeder with Hat & Drinker Set 1.5kg & 1Ltr

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A substantial, easy to use push-fit feeder with rain hat & narrow lipped drinker set suitable for first 2 weeks for up to 10 chicks

Consists of: 1.5 kg push fit feeder and 1.5 litre drinker

Feeder With Hat

  • Features "hat" to keep off the rain
  • The feeder has a push-on fit
  • Holds 1.5 kg of feed
  • Red plastic base with ith an easy to fit opaque push-on top
  • Feeder can be used with any type of feed
  • Easy to clean
  • Cone shaped top discourages perching and subsequent contamination of the feed tray
  • An ideal size for inside the brooder and for use with chick starter crumbs
  • Features a pre-set feed flow control so no adjustments are required
  • Free standing
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use


  • Made to match the 1.5kg feeder
  • Day old chicks will need a small narrow lipped drinker and is perfect as it has been specially designed to be shallow and narrow lipped to prevent the chicks from drowning
  • Ideal for the first two weeks or until the chicks reach a size that prevents them from coming to any harm
  • Suitable for up to ten chicks so if you have higher numbers – use multiple drinkers

These feeders & drinkers are ground based and it is advisable to sit them on a raised area to prevent the feed from being contaminated by the birds during their normal daily routine.

The Disco Stand is perfect for all ground based drinkers or feeders

Part  - 231 & 206


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