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Denes Garlic Oil Capsules - 120g Tub


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Garlic Oil capsules are a complementary pet food which may help support and maintain the health of the skin, digestive tract and respiratory system. Fed on a regular basis they may also help support the immune system and good general health.
120g of deoderised oil for easy feeding - just pour the garlic oil over your pet's food


  • Soybean oil
  • Gelatine
  • Glycerine
  • Purified water
  • Deoderised Garlic oil 2mg (per capsule).

Analytical Constituents

  • Crude Protein 1%
  • Crude Oils & Fats 99%
  • Crude Fibres 1%
  • Crude Ash 1%.
Feeding Guide: May be fed from 6 months of age.
Cat, toy and small dogs: ½ capsule daily
Medium dogs: 1 capsule daily
Large dogs: 2 capsules daily
Very large dogs: 3 capsules daily
If using any homeopathic remedy(ies) Garlic should not be fed at the same time - feed at least 30 minutes later.
About Denes
Denes have promoted a natural lifestyle for dogs & cats since 1951 and their range provides complete balanced diets suitable for cats & dogs of all ages and lifestyles
Denes use only high quality, natural ingredients in their pet foods and provide your pet with a diet that closely follows the principles of natural rearing. Their pet food has the added benefit of herbs which not only supply natural flavour and improve the aroma of food, but they also promote good health.
All Denes foods are free from preservatives, flavourings and colours and do not contain any soya protein or added salt



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