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Doghealth K6 indoor/outdoor heavy duty puppy pen

Doghealth K6 indoor/outdoor heavy duty puppy pen

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K6 - Giant 8ft x 4ft best selling puppy run


For indoor/outdoor use.

Supplied in sets of 6 or as individual panels

KT6 high quality puppy pen run.

Ideal when you need space for your pups and peace of mind that their environment is safe and secure.

This system is recommended for large litters, older puppies and more boisterous breeds.

The standard pen is 6 panels ( 5 plain + 1 door all 4ft long), covering 32 sq ft. 35.5" (90cm) High

We have improved the door securing system to 2 x traditional bolts, and the mesh is vertical to prevent climbing.

Dual coated to resist corrosion

Mesh 1" x 5.5 "

door 20" wide, barrier height 12"

Panels slot together for secure linkage into any shape you need

Rounded attachments mean the containment area can be shaped as required

You can add additional panels to extend the size

You can use additional panels as a roof, securing them with garden ties

Panels simply detach for easy storage when not in use

We recommend rubber matting as a base for this run and have sourced a 3m x 1.22m length available as a carriage free accessory if ordered with the puppy pen.