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Halti Dog Harness

Halti Dog Harness

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The Halti Dog Harness is designed by Dr. Roger Mugford and is a relatively new concept to the world of dogs where you take control with little effort or need for skill


  • Designed to stop your dog from pulling on the lead
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Calms over-boisterous dogs
  • Simplifies training and behavioural therapy
  • Veterinary approved
  • Comfortable padded design
  • Steers the dog from the chest which is an efficient point of control
  • Gives total control over your dog's shoulders and thus sets the direction in which he can move
  • Supplied with full instructions for use
  • Best used in conjunction with a Halti double ended training lead, linked to both the chest and shoulder rings of the harness
  • Colour: BLACK/RED

Size (Guide Only)

  • Small - Jack Russell/Corgi/Terrier (Chest 30 - 60cm)
  • Medium - Labrador / Border Collie (Chest 60 - 80cm)
  • Large - Great Dane / Mastiff / Rottweiller (Chest 80cm +)


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