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Harkers Coxoid Oral Liquid 500ml

Harkers Coxoid Oral Liquid

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Oral treatment for coccidiosis in homing and show pigeons

Advantages of using Harkers Coxoid Oral Liquid

  • Use this oral treatment for coccidiosis via your pigeons' drinking water
  • Treatment lasts for 7 days
  • Contains Amprolium
  • Supplied in 112ml or 500ml bottles
  • 500ml bottle can treat 130 birds

What is Coccidiosis?

  • Coccidiosis is caused by single cell organisms Eimeria Labbeana & Eimeria Columbarum which affect the intestines of pigeons
  • This disease is most severe in young birds and is prevalent in warm, damp conditions and particularly where there is poor hygiene or ventilation.
  • Infection can be spreak through any contaminated source and disease results when susceptible birds (ie young birds or those that have not previously been protected) are exposed to higher numbers of parasites


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