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Harkers Harka Mectin 5ml

Harkers Harka Mectin 5ml

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Spot-on treatment for the eradication worms, feather lice, and mites in pigeons


  • Eradicates external lice and mites
  • Eradicates internal parasites such as roundworm, tapeworm and hairworm
  • Contains Ivermectin
  • Sufficient to treat 80 pigeons.
  • Apply 2 drops to the back of the neck
Not suitable for birds under 100g

Mites & Lice

  • These are 2 of most common external parasites in pigeons
  • Mites living on the pigeon will drink its blood and other bodily fluids
  • Pigeons are also infected by ites living in the loft environment which hide in cracks and crevices, particularly during the breeding season
  • They also live underneath nest bowls and within nesting materil, only moving to feed on your birds and nestling during the night
  • Lice live off feather debris and bloom on your bird and die quickly once they do not have a live host


  • There are several worms that can affect pigeons, most commonly roundworm, hairworm & tapeworm
  • Roundworms & Hairworms live in the digestive tract and release eggs which are passed in their droppings
  • These eggs can be ingested, become infectious after several days and hatch into new worms
  • There is no easy way to tell if your birds have these worms as the adult worms are only rarely passed in droppings and and Hairworms are vitually invisible to the human eye
  • Tapeworms also live in the digestive tract but have a head which embeds itself into the lining of the pigeon's bowel
  • Behind the head are segments (packets of eggs) which continue to form a long chain until the more mature ones eventually snap off and pass from the piegon's cloaca
  • The small ones look like white pieces of cottom trailing through the dropping, larger ones look like pieces of rice stuck to the surface of the dropping
  • These soon become part of the pigeon's food chain and continue the infestation cycle if left
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