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Harkers Harka Mitex 140ml

Harkers Harka Mitex 140ml

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Harka Mitex is a highly effective insecticide for use against red mite and lice in pigeon lofts


  • A highly effective insecticide for use against red mite in pigeon lofts
  • Contains Cypermethrin
  • Each 140ml bottle will make 9 litres ready to use solution
Mites & Lice
  • These are 2 of most common external parasites in pigeons
  • Mites living on the pigeon will drink its blood and other bodily fluids
  • Pigeons are also infected by ites living in the loft environment which hide in cracks and crevices, particularly during the breeding season
  • They also live underneath nest bowls and within nesting materil, only moving to feed on your birds and nestling during the night
  • Lice live off feather debris and bloom on your bird and die quickly once they do not have a live host


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