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Huggy Cat Play Toy  CI12

Huggy Cat Play Toy CI12

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Huggy is the perfect playmate for your cat !! It will tantalise and tease your cat providing hours of fun and exercise and lots of entertainment!


  • Specially designed to stimulate play
  • Made from a sturdy frame and covered with lovely soft fur
  • A rattle ball is hidden inside the centre tube & will drive your cat crazy with excitement trying to extract it !!
  • The centre spring, mini bells and soft plush body allows you cat to do what he or she loves best - batting, chasing and catching
  • Entices your cat into prolonging play time
  • Measures approx. 17cm x 12cm
  • Colour: As shown

About Gor Pets

  • Gor Pets are experts in working with fabrics, machining and pattern cuttingand are a leading supplier in quality pet bedding.
  • Their expertise combined with a recruitment drive for experts in pet welfare and behaviour formed a solid foundation on which to grow so Gor Pets further developed its range by adding a variety of well thought out accessories - everything from plush and vinyl toys to cat scratchers and tug toys
  • Gor Pets continues to source and design beneficial products for pets and their owners, through research and development in the UK and abroad.


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