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Natural Ears for Dogs

Natural Ears for Dogs

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Natural Ears Canker and Mite Powder

"Natural Ears" is formulated without having to use any harmful chemical mixes unlike other ear mite canker powders. Our powder is made from human grade ingredients which are 100% safe if taken internally so if your dog licks his paws he will not be digesting any harmful ingredients. For regular customers, we used to supply THORNIT but our move to not chemical supplements has led us to prefer this formulation.

Our natural powder is non iodine based so avoids any problems associated with the toxicity of iodine compounds.

Natural Ears powder is a traditional and well tested formula that has the same function as other mites and canker powers without the risk of any harmful chemicals or ingredients and is considerably cheaper to buy and is just as effective as traditional chemical powders for mites and canker.

Natural Ear contains – Kaolin Clay, Neem Leaf Powders, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Tumeric and Clove.

Application – place a small pinch into the ear once a day until the problem is resolved. Gently wash out the ear daily and re-apply the powders.