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Otodex Ear Drops for Dogs & Cats - 14ml

Otodex Ear Drops for Dogs & Cats - 14ml

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Otodex is specially developed for cats and dogs to assist with ear problems as directed by vets.


  • A fast acting formula
  • Clears wax
  • Relieves scratching
  • Kills ear mites in dogs and cats
  • Contains a wax solvent to remove wax, fungicides, and bactericides including ant bacterial
  • Useful for common and difficult to treat bacterium or chronic ear cases

Symptoms to look our for:

  • Shaking of the head persistently for a few moments due to irritations in the ear, such as the presence of parasites, wax or inflammation
  • Excessive wax in the ear often leads to infection later.
  • Scratching of ears is a symptom of ear mites
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