Petlife Flectabed Q Heat Reflective Quilted Thermal Bed - BROWN or CRE – ideas4petsuk

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Petlife Flectabed Q Heat Reflective Quilted Thermal Bed - BROWN

Petlife Flectabed Q Heat Reflective Quilted Thermal Bed - BROWN or CREAM

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The Flectabed Q is made using Flectalon which is a revolutionary insulating material developed by NASA's research into metallised surfaces and initially used to keep astonauts warm during missions.


  • Flectalon effectively provides a hot store for up to 8 hours !!
  • Comes with a strong outer cover made from quilted fabric
  • The inner quilt combines two key elements of thermal insulation to keep your pet exceptionally warm throughout the year
  • Multi layered fibres trap pockets of warm air to reduce heat loss
  • Reflective surfaces reflect any lost body heat back to your pet
  • Moisture passes through it easily so wet or damp pets are still effectively insulated from chills
  • Colour: BROWN

* Please ensure you purchase the correct size pet bed for your pet as returns can be costly

About Flectalon

  • Flectalon is a revolutionary insulating material made from fine reflective fibres
  • Developed by NASA’s research into metallised surfaces
  • Initially produced as a means to keep astronauts warm during missions, the reflective technology has since been recognised as the most efficient way to maintain cold hot temperatures without the need for electricity or any other thermal aid.
  • Manufactured in the UK, Flectalon is an extremely efficient insulation material combining conventional trapped air thermal insulation with multiple mirror finish surfaces to reflect cold or hot temperatures back onto the product contained within
  • Flectalon is constructed from a flat polymer sheet which is then coated with a thin film of aluminium.
  • The polymer sheet is shredded into filaments which are non-absorbent and do not lose bulk when wet.
  • This technology means that anything surrounded by Flectalon material can be kept at a low or high temperature for far longer than had previously been possible without any further thermal aid.
  • The material effectively provides a cold or hot store for up to 8 hours - significantly longer than any other insulation material.


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