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Petlife Pet+Me Grooming Brush For Dogs

Petlife Pet+Me Grooming Brush For Dogs

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This Multi Functional & Species Specific 100% Silicone Brush is the only brush you will ever need for your pet & home as it cleans, grooms & massages !!


  • Developed by experienced specialists in Switzerland to be the least invasive, most durable and effective wellness grooming product on the market for dogs
  • Provides a balanced combination of comfort & efficiency
  • Made from 100% high quality silicone
  • Very flexible
  • Free from harmful chemicals & no metals parts
  • Overall hair removal - can be safely used around sensitive areas like the eyes and mouth
  • Leaves your dog's coat incredibly glossy
  • Stengthens your dog's coat
  • Provides a soft, deep cleaning massage to relieve aching or tight musles
  • Helps to stimulat blood circulation to the skin
  • Helps the healing of muscles, skin & joints
  • Stimules the metabolism
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Soft on sensitive skin yet highly effective in removing fur and scales
  • Excellent for removing lint or hair from upholstery, car seats, clothing etc.
  • Easy to clean - Hold under running water to rinse or if excess sebum, use washing up liquid or toss into dishwasher or washing machine - comes out like new !!
  • Available for short haired or long haired dogs - please choose from drop down menu

Multi Functional & Species Specific

The knobbed/massage side of Pet Me® is for:

  • Optimal hair and scale removal - dogs have sebaceous glands at their hair roots. When the upper layer of excess sebum dries and hardens, scale forms an unpleasent smelling layer. This layer often creates an irritating itch causing the dog to scratch. Species Specific - ensures the knobbed 'bristles' are not misshapen on long-haired pets; so even the most delicate pets enjoy being brushed.
  • Using firm pressure, massage stimulates blood circulation to the skin as well as mechanically removes scale and provides comfort for your pet.
  • Always wash the brush well before re-use if it is covered in white scale

The fine side of Pet Me® is for:

  • Wet or Dry, it removes dead and loose hair which may otherwise be ingested
  • Is ideal for bathing
  • When wet, the brush glides easily through the coat and creates a magnet effect for hair removal
  • Excellent for removing lint and even the shortest hair from upholstery, carpets and fabric.


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