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Standard 12kg Handy Feeder - HABC0250

Standard 12kg Handy Feeder - HABC0250

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The new 12 kg Handy Feeder is ideal for up to 12 birds and comprises of a feed tray, feed tube, indoor lid, feed flow adjuster and ergonomic carrying handle that doubles up as a hanger


  • Very well built and made from very high quality plastic
  • Ideal for use both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used free-standing or hanging
  • Supplied with optional 7.5cm legs that are easily fitted to the base of the feeder if used free-standing outdoors
  • The design of the feeder incorporates feed flow adjustment by the internal threaded handle which makes it suitable for all types of feed
  • The handle also acts as the support from which the feeder can be hung
  • The central hole in the handle allows the feeder to hang straight and level which prevents the feed from being wasted by the feeder tipping over
  • Ideal for up to twelve birds – refilling as necessary
  • Also ideal to use as a holiday/weekend feeder as it can save time on feeding – making it easier to look after the birds while you are away & reducing the problem for the person left at home


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