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Standard Heated Vinyl Pet Pad & Cover 12V - 33cm x 44cm

Standard Heated Vinyl Pet Pad & Cover 12V - 33cm x 44cm

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The perfect pet-sized electric blanket to keep your pet cosy, snug and warm !!


  • Measures: 33cm x 44cm
  • The in-built thermostat regulates the temperature to body heat so can be left on 24 hours if required
  • 18 watts (via 12V AC Adaptor)
  • Supplied with a red soft, zip up fleece cover
  • Complete with 1.5m of cable, the first 300mm of which is armoured
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor supplied

A General Guide for selecting you Pet Heat Pad

  • As a general rule your pet heat pad will be governed by the size of your whelping box
  • The pet heated pad should not cover more than around 1 third to half of the size of your base of the whelping box as it is important to allow the puppies the option to get on or off the heat mat
  • The puppy heat mat is there to keep the puppies warm not the mother.
  • We generally would advise that you use the standard heat pad or the large size as the giant size heat pads are generally used more to keep large fully grown cats and dogs warm as opposed to puppies as the heat from the pad has a larger area to escape making it hard for the puppies to trap the heat on the surface of the pet heat pad



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