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Thrive Cat Treats - Super Saver 12 x Tubes

Thrive Cat Treats - Super Saver 12 x Tubes

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These 100% natural and additive-free cat snacks are made only from 100% prawn, chicken or fish.


  • Freeze-dried to lock in the taste and goodness - ensures that all important nutrients are retained and that the great taste is not affected
  • Freeze drying is an exceptionally gentle production method and frequently used by the pharmaceutical industry
  • Supplied in a practical and handy resealable tube
  • Made using only wholesome fresh fish or meat
  • No added preservatives or colours
  • A natural, delicious snack for between meals
  • British vets frequently favour Thrive Cat Treats because they are very palatable and well accepted by cats of all breeds

Thrive Cat Treats are available in the following flavours:

  • Fish (15g) Contains 100% freeze dried white fish
  • Chicken (25g) Contains 100% freeze dried chicken
  • Tuna (25g) Contains 100% freeze dried tuna
  • Liver (25g) Contains 100% freeze dried liver
  • Shrimp/Prawn (15g) Contains 100% freeze dried shrimp

Feeding recommendation:

  • Supplement meals with up to four Thrive Cat Treats, twice daily
  • Fresh drinking water should always be freely available for your cat.

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