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Rats are becoming increasingly popular pets due to their happy and inquisitive little characters.

They can be kept in glass tanks (like the Vivario) and also in metal rat cages. 
Glass is easy to keep clean, doesn’t hold on to any bad odours,keeps your rat’s bedding mess, droppings and spilled food contained and gives you a good view of their pets. Also, some rat owners prefer an aquarium as their adventurous rats are unable to climb the glass sides
 However, you can't always get a large enough tank if you want to keep multiple rats, although the Vivario tanks are great. Some rat owners also feel that there is not enough air circulation in the glass tanks so look for those that do have adequate ventilation in them
Others say that an aquarium has to be cleaned more frequently than rat cages but you could argue that your rat cage should be kept pristine whether it is glass or metal.
It has been reported that the temperatures inside a glass tank can be higher than the room temperature and that as rats suffer heat strokes very easily, this could be a huge disadvantage. One way round this would be to place the glass tank into a cool room so that the temperature does not get too hot for them.
Small glass tanks are not ideal as they are often are not wide enough for larger males to move around and rats can chew and have been known to inject the silicone sealant that is usually used on glass tanks so care should be taken to make sure that this is not happening.
Glass tanks can sometimes be difficult to store as they cannot be disassembled and some can be VERY heavy so a tank large enough for two rats could be much too heavy to carry alone. However, some of the more modern glass housing is supplied with a stand on castors which eliminates this problem.
We have metal rat cages available in all sorts of designs and sizes.  They offer lots of opportunity for adding hammocks, climbing ropes, ladders etc. and the platforms offer multiple levels
The bars allow for plenty of air circulation and also for the rats to climb and like the glass tanks, you would still get a good view of your rats.  The temperature in the cage would be the same as the room it is situated in so is easy to regulate.metal rat cage is easily kept clean, as is the glass one, but can often be disassembled for specific purposes (ie. storage, moving to a new house etc.)

Just be careful that your rat’s bedding can often end up on your carpet if the base isn’t deep enough at the bottom of the cage. Galvanized metal can absorb rat urine so often owners have no choice but to throw the metal rat cage away after much use.  Chewing on galvanized bars can sometimes result in zinc poisoning which is potentially fatal in rats.  It is always adviseable to ask what the cage is made of before purchasing.
Rats can sometimes hurt their feet, twist their ankles or even break their legs in the wires so make sure that any platforms are solid to avoid bumblefoot. They can sometimes be more expensive but this often depends upon the style, size and quality of the cage.