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What Size Dog Kennel?

What size kennel should we go for ?

We have an excellent range of dog kennels & dog cabins to suit all breeds and purses.

Firstly, consider how long your dog will be spending in the kennel - will it be all day or just whilst you go shopping etc.

Will your dog be outside in the chill of winter? If so, go for the insulated dog kennel which will keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer months.

Will your dog kennel be placed in an existing building or garage or will it be placed in an exposed garden.

Your dog will usually prefer a nice cosy dog cabin or dog kennel, so you should aim to go for one that is only slightly larger than it's bed. Your dog won't need to stand up fully either, as it will be lying down when inside. You should try and position the entrance of the dog kennel or dog cabin away from the prevailing wind (and rain), but not toward a wall, as your dog will love watching what's going on in your garden!

If your dog is a puppy you will need to allow for growing room. Puppies like to feel secure so you would be advised to purchase the correct size kennel for the full-grown dog and pad it with soft, cosy bedding to make your puppy feel secure.

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